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Integrate our centrally managed printing platform with your multi-factor authentication systems for secure printing.

  • Support CAC/PIV users without the need for print servers
  • Empower CAC/PIV users to release print jobs at any printer
  • Track all network & local printing activity
  • Enhance your FITARA/DCOI score
  • Stay compliant with federal regulations

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When we were on the Windows print server, I was constantly receiving calls, but I don’t get those calls anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember getting a single phone call about any of the printers since we deployed PrinterLogic. That’s proof that it works.

Chris Spradley – Systems Engineering Lead


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The PrinterLogic CAC/PIV Advantage

From The Blog:

Eliminating print servers is compelling, but we realize not every organization can eliminate all of its print servers because some applications require them. PrinterLogic can work in these hybrid environments. We also understand that buying a new printer and MFP fleet every three to five years is not cost-effective, which is why our CAC/PIV solution is designed to work with your existing printers.


of surveyed organizations rate PrinterLogic's printing security as great or better


of customers deployed within 5 days; 87% within 1 month


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half

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