How it works

  1. Client installed on workstation; user initiates and holds print job
  2. User swipes badge or enters credentials at printer
  3. Printer contacts PrinterLogic to display list of held print jobs
  4. PrinterLogic sends release command to workstation holding job
  5. Workstation sends print job to printer via direct IP


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Flexible options

PrinterLogic’s Secure Release Printing gives you easy options for retrieving your documents:

  • Swipe your badge at any network printer
  • Use our smartphone app (iOS and Android)
  • Enter AD credentials, or a user ID/PIN at the printer console  
  • Use any web browser to release one or all of your held jobs  
  • Even get your print job after you turn off your computer



Boost your security

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not securing their print infrastructure. ​​​​HP reports that almost 90 percent of enterprise businesses have suffered at least one data loss because of unsecured printing. Here’s how PrinterLogic can help: 

  • Eliminating print servers reduces print-attack vulnerability
  • Secure Release Printing reduces risk from abandoned print jobs
  • Multifactor authentication boosts security for sensitive info
  • Every print job stays local and never travels to the cloud

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Reduce Waste

Secure Release Printing can save organizations thousands of dollars per employee, per year in paper, ink, toner, storage, copying, postage, disposal, and recycling costs.


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Which CPAs are compatible?

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CPA Support

We have a combination of badge-release printing and the more traditional PIN method. So far, people really like that ability. For us, it’s been largely set it and forget it.
Donald Brown – IT Project Manager

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