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Make it easy for end users to find and install their own printers without calling the IT Service desk. The Self Service Printer Installation Portal detects their location and shows them available printers on a floor plan map or list.

  • Use floor plan maps to show available printers
  • Portal detects user location based on subnet range
  • User installs printers with a single click


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We have almost zero print-related help desk tickets. We went from about 2,500 printer-related tickets in a year down to three or four. Soft costs in particular went down massively.

Chris Nilsson – Director of Technology Integration


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Self-Service Printing

From The Blog:

Along with its added reliability, this added client print control has multiple benefits. Most importantly, it reduces the volume of calls to the help desk because employees no longer have to solicit dedicated IT support just to install a printer—even if they happen to be in a new location. Cutting out the middleman allows users to accomplish routine print-management tasks quickly, making things much more satisfying for the end user and far more efficient.


reduction in help desk calls by the majority of surveyed customers


of surveyed organizations reduced printer downtime by at least 30%


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half

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