How it Works

  1. Centrally manage printer objects and profile settings in the Admin Console
  2. Workstation Client checks in with Admin Console and checks for updates
  3. Deliver updates and install any new drivers directly on user endpoints
  4. Spool print jobs on user endpoints and send directly to printers

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PrinterLogic took away those huge [print server maintenance] cost implications. Once we implemented it, we didn’t need our server-based infrastructure anymore. Upper management was elated.

Reggie Campbell – Network Administrator


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Serverless Printing Infrastructure Advantages

From The Blog:

In the enterprise, where the scale and complexity of the print environment is significantly greater, the idea of a serverless printing infrastructure can seem like an unattainable goal. Print servers were first implemented to help tame enterprise-level complexity, and they’ve now been the de facto standard in the enterprise for so long that even seasoned IT professionals find it hard to conceive of a print infrastructure without them. Alternatives to server-based print infrastructures do exist, though. And when done right, they bring compelling advantages that go far beyond the ability to eliminate print servers—although that represents a big win in and of itself.


of surveyed organizations reduced remote server infrastructure by 30% or more


of customers had 100% ROI with 45% reporting above 200%


of surveyed organizations reduced printer downtime by at least 30%;

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