Jacob Eskelsen|August 04, 2020

Be Ahead of the Game: Give Your IT Department Tools to Encourage Innovation

As much as some folks like to brag about their ability to multitask, we all know by now that multitasking just isn’t efficient. Our brains prefer to focus on a single task rather than be pulled in different directions. That applies to IT departments too. When IT staff are busy leaping from one urgent task […]

Corey Ercanbrack|July 29, 2020

Is Microsoft’s Universal Print a Truly Modern Print-Management Solution?

Although breakups can be hard, we always love to see companies urging people to part ways with their print servers. We’ve been showing enterprises how to do that for a decade. For PrinterLogic, “Eliminate print servers!” is a battle cry we’ve been sounding for years. And now that enterprise software giants like Microsoft are starting […]

Zachary Vernon|July 28, 2020

How to Avoid Server Sprawl in Corporate Printing

Server sprawl is the quiet scourge of enterprise IT environments. Like its name suggests, it’s what happens when organizations deploy more and more hardware/software infrastructure without also taking counter-steps to consolidate. Because rolling out additional print servers is a quick fix to support new locations or growing print demand, server sprawl can disproportionately affect corporate […]

Neil Thomas|July 21, 2020

A Software Print Solution to Integrate iOS Devices into Existing Print Infrastructure

Most studies on enterprise technology trends have found that somewhere around 75% of companies deem mobile devices to be essential to their operations. Those same studies also point out that a similar percentage of companies struggles with BYOD adoption. No wonder so many enterprise IT professionals have a love/hate relationship with mobile devices. One of […]

Sal Gamez|July 14, 2020

The Challenges of Printing in the Healthcare Industry and How to Improve the Process

As recent world events have shown us, the healthcare industry is unlike any other. Medical and administrative staff work under intense conditions that can change in a split second. They have to be flexible and adapt quickly, because their primary goal—patient care—is more than just a service. Lives hang in the balance. For healthcare employees, […]

Adam Stephan|July 07, 2020

What Is Hoteling and Why Does It Call for a Flexible Print Environment?

Around the world, we’re in a period of massive change. To say that the modern workforce is adapting is the understatement of the year. As employees slowly return into the office, there’s more interest in dynamic workplace models like hoteling. Those new models create new challenges for IT. First, let’s answer an important question: What […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|July 06, 2020

How to drastically reduce printer-related service desk calls

You can probably imagine how eliminating print servers also helps to end single points of failure.   This means increased printer availability and more printer uptime at your organization. A welcome bonus? Fewer calls to the service desk.   That said, most printer-related service requests aren’t complaints about a single unavailable printer. They actually have […]

Chris Summerhays|June 23, 2020

What Causes Slow Network Printing?

When your network printer is slow to respond, you might find yourself wondering what causes slow network printing. This is a common scenario. Here are a few established workarounds for slow network printing.   How to fix slow network printing We’ll go over a quick step-by-step of how to fix this: Access the printer’s properties […]

Brian Wistisen|June 23, 2020

Printing for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Print servers are the go-to choice when it comes to a corporate printing infrastructure.   Conventional direct IP printing is different than server printing. With direct IP, printers are managed on a workstation-by-workstation basis. Print servers bring some degree of manageability to the print environment. If your organization operates from multiple locations, manageability and oversight […]

Jason Callahan|June 16, 2020

How to Reduce Careless Employee Printing

While I don’t want to get down on employees (after all, I’m an employee myself), it’s no secret that their printing habits can be kind of, well, careless. The average worker prints about 34 pages a day, yet 17% of those pages go unused. Close to two-thirds of the documents they do print are thrown […]

Tom Darnall|June 09, 2020

Why You Should be Performing an Annual Audit on Your Print Environment

Corporate printing costs can get expensive. These costs can amount to as much as 3% of annual revenue (some estimates even go as high as 12%). It’s important to keep those costs in check. And with print security becoming an increasingly urgent priority for enterprise organizations, keeping tabs on what’s happening across your print environment. […]

Neil Thomas|June 02, 2020

A Solution to Printers Not Showing in an RDP Session on Server 2016 and 2019

The remote desktop protocol (RDP) is a popular way for companies to provide their employees with a consistent computing experience. Even though “remote” is in its name, RDP isn’t just for telecommuters and mobile users. Many enterprise organizations use RDP exclusively because it’s easier to manage and more scalable. Unfortunately, RDP and enterprise printing don’t […]

Zachary Vernon|June 02, 2020

How Pull Printing and Secure Release Printing Are Different—and Why You Should You Use Them

As print security becomes a higher priority, enterprise organizations are generally using two methods to combat data loss in their print environments. One is pull printing. The other is secure release printing. At first, pull printing and secure release printing seem pretty similar. That’s because they share a common two-step format. It looks like this: […]

Sal Gamez|June 02, 2020

How PrinterLogic SaaS Seamlessly Integrates with Azure Active Directory to Create a Highly Available Direct IP Cloud Printing Solution

By 2025, 80% of organizations are expected to have migrated their on-prem data centers to colocation and the cloud. Enterprise printing has proved harder to shift, though, because many cloud printing solutions fail to address a key piece of the puzzle: print management. They fall short in crucial areas like security and ease of use. […]

Ken Dixon|May 26, 2020

Are We Ready for the Paperless Office?

Ever since I can remember, all descriptions I have heard or read about an “office of the future” included a common attribute. The future office is always, without fail, paperless. No paper is needed in the mythical office of the future because all information there is managed and stored in digital format. That sounds completely […]

Tom Darnall|May 26, 2020

How Centralized Print Administration Helps Tighten Control and Security for Corporate Printing

It’s tempting to think of corporate security mostly in terms of locking things down: restricting access, closing loopholes, patching vulnerabilities. Those are the necessary steps you take to reduce potential exploits before they happen. Another crucial aspect of security is oversight. That’s a more active, interventional way to catch suspicious activity. To give an example, […]

Zachary Vernon|May 26, 2020

A Checklist to Find the Right Print Management Solution for Your Company’s Print Infrastructure

Thanks to the increased adoption of serverless printing, companies now have real choice when it comes to picking the perfect print-management solution. For many years, conventional direct IP printing or print servers were the default approaches to print infrastructure. Each of those legacy models has limitations on how the print environment can be managed. Recently, […]

Neil Thomas|May 19, 2020

The Cost of Security Risks in Corporate Printing

Corporate printing can pose any number of security risks if it’s not managed correctly. These risks include: Unauthorized access to administration settings: GPOs and rights management can be hard to dial in, which might lead admins to loosen access to upper-level management settings. Unfortunately, that’s like leaving your keys in the door for the sake […]

Brian Wistisen|May 19, 2020

Tips to Improve Slow Network Printing for a More Efficient Workplace

What’s worse than a print job that takes ages to get to the printer? Your employees probably have an answer or two. For most people, slow network printing ranks up there with root canals and being stuck in a long line at airport security as their flight is boarding. Although slow printing speeds usually result […]

Zachary Vernon|May 19, 2020

How to Improve Printing Strategies for Medical Practices

From an IT standpoint, healthcare environments can be more complex than many other industries. Medical staff often work in shifts, putting in long and irregular hours. Frontline medical professionals like doctors and nurses also tend to be highly mobile. That can make it hard for IT to ensure that they always have quick and seamless […]

Ken Dixon|May 12, 2020

Get the Most Secure Print-Management Experience with PrinterLogic SaaS

As cloud adoption gains a bigger foothold in the enterprise, security remains a major concern. A survey conducted by Techvangelism on behalf of the privileged access management provider Centrify found that 60% of businesses identified security as the top challenge for their cloud-migration projects. In its 2019 Guardians of the Cloud report, data security company […]

Julio Garfias|May 12, 2020

Generate ROI by Eliminating Print Servers Within Your Company

Many organizations still view print servers as an unavoidable cost of corporate printing. With the estimated annual cost of owning and operating a print server in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $5,000, it’s a cost that’s certainly worth re-evaluating. And now that print servers have been made obsolete by serverless printing, the time for re-evaluation […]

Ryan Wedig|May 12, 2020

Defining a Serverless Printing Infrastructure

Almost a decade ago, my Co-Founder and I established PrinterLogic with the mission to eliminate print servers off the face of the earth. Between our work and the general advancement of enterprise IT architectures, eliminating print servers from any modern IT environment has become table stakes and we’re proud to be the clear market leader […]

Zachary Vernon|May 12, 2020

3 Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Printing with PrinterLogic

By now you’ve probably at least given some thought to implementing mobile printing—even if you haven’t gone so far as to actually do it. According to Quocirca’s The Mobile Print Enterprise report from a few years back, 83% of organizations said they were interested in a mobile printing solution. Yet only 14% had already deployed […]

Neil Thomas|May 05, 2020

Get Rid of Costly VPNs for Your Home Office Workers

With the sudden increase in remote work due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have an easy, cost-effective and secure way for their home-based users to print. Traditionally, a virtual private network (VPN) has been the standard approach to accommodate remote workers. A VPN enables them to connect securely to the […]

Sal Gamez|May 05, 2020

How to Improve the Security of Your Print Environment by Doing Less

The complexity of technology and the speed at which it’s evolving have a big impact on our lives. Not only do we have more powerful devices on our desks and in our pockets, those digital devices are more integral to everything we do. That ups the risk of sensitive information getting exposed to outsiders. To […]

Brian Wistisen|May 05, 2020

What Are the Key Components of a Serverless Print Infrastructure?

As IT professionals look to move away from legacy print solutions, the idea of a serverless print infrastructure is becoming more widespread. That’s true even in large enterprise organizations, where print servers were a necessary evil for far too long. A serverless print infrastructure brings more flexibility, greater scalability and increased resiliency to the print […]

Jason Callahan|May 05, 2020

How to Customize Enterprise Printing to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Enterprise print environments have two things in common: They have printers, and they have employees who want to print to those printers. That’s where the similarities end. Every company is different and has different enterprise printing needs as a result. And those needs change over time. That’s why trouble-free printing and optimal printer management hinges […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|April 30, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Awarded AWS Well-Architected Partner Status

ST. GEORGE, Utah, April 30, 2020—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced it has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). PrinterLogic is also the first print management platform to pass the rigorous AWS Well-Architected review and is aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework […]

Jacob Eskelsen|April 28, 2020

Integrated Identity Services for Enterprise Printing

By 2021, cybersecurity damages are estimated to hit $6 trillion annually. If you were to break down that global tally, you’re looking at an average cost of $3.92 million per data breach—a figure that’s risen by 12% in the past five years alone. The increasing severity and scale of enterprise data breaches has fueled that […]

Jason Callahan|April 28, 2020

How the Benefits of Centralized Print Management Software Can Help Your Business Operate More Smoothly

One of the biggest contributors to inefficiency is fragmentation. Without unified control and oversight, you waste a lot of time doing individual status checks and performing repeat actions. That’s as true when dealing with technology as it is with people. Fragmentation has long been the enemy of the enterprise print environment. And yet the enterprise […]

Ken Dixon|April 28, 2020

How to Improve Slow Network Printing

Slow printing on networked printers is probably one of end users’ biggest enterprise printing pet peeves. That makes it one of IT’s biggest pet peeves, too, because they’re the ones who have to deal with all the support tickets. What causes slow network printing? The culprits can vary depending on your printing solution, but it […]

Brian Wistisen|April 21, 2020

The Benefits of Pull Printing and Why It Hasn’t Been as Widely Adopted (Yet)

Pull printing is a feature that divides the typical printing process into two parts. First, the end user prints as usual, but the print job is held instead of printing automatically. Second, the user “releases” that print job on their chosen printer. You might be saying, “Hold on. We’re always trying to make printing easier […]

Julio Garfias|April 21, 2020

One of the Greatest Frustrations of Enterprise Printing and What You Can Do Right Now to Improve Productivity

Print servers are one of the top sources of frustration in business printing. Just look at any online tech forum. Odds are that it’s full of threads started by IT professionals who’ve been driven to distraction by one or more printing issues. Printers are disappearing from workstations. Group policy deployments aren’t working like they should. […]

Eric Johnson|April 21, 2020

Is Your Organization’s Print Infrastructure Vulnerable?

In the album Deltron3030, Teren Delvon Jones (aka Deltron) drops the line “I want to devise a virus to bring dire straits to your environment. Crush your corporations with a mild touch, crash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus.” In case you think it’s placed for it’s lyrical content alone, consider the […]

Sal Gamez|April 14, 2020

How to Improve End-User Acceptance in Your Enterprise Print Environment

End users are always a consideration in decisions that involve business printing and print management. How will they respond to a change in the printing workflow? Will they be able to understand and use a new device or feature? Will they actually stick to a certain practice? Questions like these come up again and again. […]

Jacob Eskelsen|April 14, 2020

The Two Most Common Printing Problems in Enterprise Print Environments and the Solution

Do you know how much printing is costing your company? That’s a question that we’ve posed many times before. And we’ve answered it by delving into the “unseen” costs of printing or the total cost of printing (TCP). We’ve even shown how increased security and lower printing costs can go hand in hand. Here the […]

Neil Thomas|April 14, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Now Features Control Panel Applications for All Major Printer Brands

When we launched PrinterLogic’s all-new Control Panel Platform last summer, we were super excited about how it would augment the secure release printing capabilities of our serverless printing infrastructure. Our customers were excited, too, because it meant their end users would be able to view and release print jobs more quickly, conveniently and securely than […]

Neil Thomas|April 07, 2020

Tired of Trying to Manage Outdated Print Drivers? Switch to a Serverless Print Infrastructure in Under a Week

One of the biggest root causes of printing problems in the enterprise is print drivers. That’s why it’s never surprising to hear IT horror stories of a single driver wreaking havoc across an entire organization. Rogue drivers can bring print spoolers to their knees, force end users to the brink of insanity and make life […]

Ken Sivori and Kevin Merrill|April 02, 2020

Two PrinterLogic Systems Engineers Talk About What’s New and Cool In PrinterLogic SaaS

With all the disruptions in the world today, it’s easy to overlook important new developments in our SaaS platform. Last week, our Product Marketing Manager, Tom Darnall, interviewed two of our Systems Engineers, Ken Sivori and Kevin Merrill, to get a sense for what they’re hearing on the front lines with customers. Here’s the gist […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|March 31, 2020

PrinterLogic Integrates Serverless Print Management with Leading Cloud-Based Identity Services

ST. GEORGE, Utah, March 31, 2020​—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced a new integration with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. This integration allows IT professionals to eliminate print servers and identity-related infrastructure by connecting the Okta Identity Cloud into PrinterLogic SaaS for SCIM provisioning and […]

Jason Callahan|March 31, 2020

Advanced Reporting Best Practices (and What to Look for) to Save Your Enterprise Time and Money

When we talk about PrinterLogic and all the advantages of its serverless printing infrastructure, we like to emphasize one thing above all else: It eliminates print servers. That’s super important to us. And it’s even more important to our customers. PrinterLogic’s serverless printing is what has helped them overcome the limitations, hassle and expense of […]

Brian Wistisen|March 31, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Is OS Platform-Agnostic for Maximum Compatibility

Of the dozens of IT pain points, one of the most common has to be ensuring compatibility between all the components that make up an IT environment. Compatibility would be less of an issue if everything were uniform throughout the entire organization. But we all know that’s not how things work in the real world. […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|March 24, 2020

What is Serverless Printing?

There’s a widespread assumption that enterprise print management goes hand-in-hand with print servers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. At PrinterLogic, we’re all about challenging conventional wisdom. We’ve shown hundreds of customers that serverless print management is not only possible, it’s superior to traditional enterprise print management solutions because it avoids many […]

Sal Gamez|March 24, 2020

The simple solution for the most common enterprise printing problems

There are seven pillars of wisdom and seven types of ambiguity, so maybe it’s not surprising that there should be seven common enterprise printing problems. These are the infuriating—but ultimately solvable—hassles that IT experiences on a regular basis when using legacy printing and print-management solutions. The most common enterprise printing problems In this blog post […]

Ken Dixon|March 24, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Is Printer-Agnostic – Here’s What That Means and Why It Matters

In tech circles, certain software solutions are often described as platform-agnostic. Which is a shorthand way of saying that they work with pretty much any operating system. PrinterLogic SaaS is one of those solutions that could be called platform-agnostic. Our serverless printing infrastructure works across macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS and even VDI environments to provide […]

Zachary Vernon|March 18, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Achieves Embedded Integration With Okta Identity Cloud

PrinterLogic has partnered with Okta, the leading cloud-based Identity Provider, to offer customers their first free Okta account via an embedded feature known as Okta Embedded Integration.  Streamline your SaaS transition As more companies embrace a cloud-first strategy, they face challenges with supporting a mix of legacy (on-prem) and cloud-based applications. Two of those challenges […]

Zachary Vernon|March 17, 2020

Track and Monitor Printing Activity on up to 10 Printers (for free) with PrinterLogic Insights

To manage your print environment effectively, it’s essential to truly understand your print environment. And that understanding can only come about through insight into print activity and printer usage as well as micro- and macro-level printing trends. That’s why we developed PrinterLogic Insights, a reporting and monitoring feature for PrinterLogic SaaS customers who want to […]

Tom Darnall|March 17, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS Is a Truly Serverless Printing Solution

The cloud came with a lot of promises. You’d be able to reduce physical infrastructure, manage everything from one place, enjoy more flexibility and features. Migration to the cloud would free up IT resources and be more cost-effective. As most IT professionals know, printing was one thing that proved harder to shift. You can take […]

Brian Wistisen|March 09, 2020

The Downfalls of Multi-Vendor Printers and a Cloud-Based (SaaS) Enterprise Printing Solution to Achieve a Secure Printing Infrastructure

There are plenty of ways that companies can wind up with multi-vendor printer fleets. Sometimes it’s an unintentional accumulation of printers from a variety of manufacturers over the years. This is a common outcome of mergers and acquisitions. Other times it’s deliberate, because different printers serve different enterprise printing needs. For instance, healthcare organizations need […]

Neil Thomas|March 09, 2020

How to Resolve the Greatest Pain Points in Enterprise Printing

As humans, our brains are hardwired to avoid pain. We have a natural urge to pull back our hand if it gets too close to a flame. We instinctively walk gingerly on our leg if it’s injured. We sometimes even go out of our way to avoid uncomfortable situations. Which is why it’s kind of […]

Pierre Lefebvre|March 06, 2020

PrinterLogic SaaS and Cloud-based Identity Providers (IdP)

PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), has announced General Availability of Version 1 of its integrations with the cloud-based IdPs Okta and Azure AD. For PrinterLogic SaaS customers, this release provides support for SAML 2.0-based federated authentication.  PrinterLogic gives organizations the ability to eliminate print servers and provides a centrally managed direct […]

Tom Darnall|March 02, 2020

The Security Risks of Enterprise Printing and How to Create a Secure Printing Environment

Among IT professionals, it’s no secret that printers represent an overlooked security threat. When the research firm Quocirca surveyed 240 enterprise organizations across the United States, the UK, France and Germany for its 2018 report on managed print services, around half of the respondents stated that print security was part of their overall information security […]

Chris Summerhays|February 24, 2020

How to Export Printers from Windows Server 2008 to 2012 R2

This article is up to date and was originally published April 28, 2017. In every organization that continues to rely on print servers for its print management needs, it eventually comes time to upgrade those print servers. That upgrade process involves costs, time and other resources that might be better spent on a more efficient […]

Zachary Vernon|February 24, 2020

PrinterLogic Simplifies Print Management for Healthcare Organizations That Use MEDITECH EMR Systems

MEDITECH has a large and devoted customer base of healthcare providers, thanks to the company’s industry-leading electronic medical records (EMR) solutions. However, as many IT professionals will tell you, it can be challenging to ensure smooth, reliable EMR printing in certain MEDITECH environments. That’s partly because EMR printing in general is tightly regulated. As such, […]

Brian Wistisen|February 17, 2020

How to Easily Migrate Printers from Print Servers with Automated Migration

With Windows 7 now officially past its end of life, OS upgrades and migration are on everyone’s minds. For IT departments and providers of managed print services, that’s not always a good thing. Migrations in general are a lot of work Sure, the process has gotten a little easier over the years, but it’s almost […]

Chris Summerhays|February 14, 2020

Your Guide to Windows Server 2012 R2 Print Management

This article was originally published in July 2017 and has been updated with the latest information.   Even as we’re seeing more and more organizations switching to PrinterLogic as their preferred enterprise print management solution, there are clearly many who are still using print servers—despite the vast numbers of persistent Windows Server 2012 R2 printing […]

Neil Thomas|February 10, 2020

Print Driver Headaches at a Company Level and How to Resolve Them with PrinterLogic

There’s a common saying in IT that most enterprise printing problems start with print drivers, not printers. How true that is will probably vary from environment to environment. But one thing’s for sure: Print drivers are a constant pain point. Some of the Biggest Print Driver Headaches In traditional print environments, driver updates are one […]

Zachary Vernon|February 03, 2020

An Inside Look at PrinterLogic’s Serverless Print Software Architecture and Why It’s a Necessity for Companies

Print servers have been the default solution in enterprise printing for a long time. Too long. Admins and other IT professionals are certainly aware of the problems with print servers. These are shortcomings like single points of failure, limited manageability and ongoing licensing costs. But print servers have managed to stick around in spite of […]

Sal Gamez|January 27, 2020

Why Pull Printing Will Increase Security and Save Money for Your Company

Increased security comes with added costs, right? Not necessarily. By implementing pull printing through PrinterLogic, you can actually end up saving money while boosting the security of your print environment. Part of that comes down to pull printing itself. But the real cost savings start to add up when it’s combined with our serverless printing […]

Brian Wistisen|January 20, 2020

Cut Printing Costs While Implementing Higher Security Printing Methods

Convenience, cost-efficiency and security don’t always arrive as a set. You might find an IT solution with two out of the three if you’re lucky. But scoring the hat trick is rare. When it comes to your print environment, pull printing with PrinterLogic is a proven way to achieve all three. Pull printing is an […]

Jacob Eskelsen|January 13, 2020

How to Build a Better Print Infrastructure (and Save Money) Through Print Job Audits and Reporting

At a time when we seem to have data on everything, enterprise print environments can still be something of a mystery.  Organizations might track page counts, which is common practice when using managed print services. Or they might keep track of the total cost of consumables like paper and toner. But comprehensive, actionable data on […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|January 10, 2020

The Best of 2019

We’ve flipped the page on our calendars and welcomed in the new year. So with 2019 in the rearview mirror, it’s a good time to take a look back at what happened over the past 12 months. 2019 delivered a monster year for PrinterLogic customers. Here’s a brief look at some of the very best […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|January 08, 2020

PrinterLogic Awarded Common Criteria Certification For Its Enterprise Print Management Software

First print management solution to receive validation of FIPS 140-2 compliance by independent NIST-approved testing laboratory ST. GEORGE, UTAH, January 8, 2020—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced today it has received its Common Criteria Certificate for validation of compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 for its PrinterLogic Web […]

Jason Callahan|December 16, 2019

Improve Mobile Printing Reliability with PrinterLogic

At this point, very few people are left questioning the importance of mobile devices in the enterprise. When 500 senior IT executives, CEOs and other senior managers were polled as part of a 2018 Oxford Economics survey, the vast majority (75% or more) said that mobile devices were vital to their workers’ effectiveness and their […]

Neil Thomas|December 09, 2019

3 Common Printing Issues Among Businesses and the Solutions

At the end of the day, printing issues equal printing costs. Every time IT is called to reboot a crashed print server or install a new printer, it takes their attention off bigger things. That amounts to lost productivity for them as well as the end users who aren’t able to print. That lost productivity […]

Zachary Vernon|December 02, 2019

Does Serverless Printing Work for Companies with Large Numbers of Print Servers Already Deployed?

When we talk about PrinterLogic and the advantages of serverless printing, most organizations are eager to hear more. Centralized printer management? Reduced print-related WAN traffic? Self-service printer installation? Seamless VDI printing? Yes, please! In organizations that already have large numbers of print servers deployed, sometimes that excitement is accompanied by skepticism. Can a single instance […]

Julio Garfias|November 25, 2019

Pull Printing: An Ideal Printing Solution in a Construction Environment

End-user mobility is crucial in most construction companies. Engineers, site managers and supervisors all need flexibility of movement. That can be tough on IT. Especially when those users have remote printing needs as well. In dynamic construction environments with a lot of moving parts, PrinterLogic’s mobile printing and Pull Printing can help ease the strain […]

Adam Stephan|November 21, 2019

Migrating from Google Cloud Print to Centrally Managed Direct IP Printing

By now you’ve heard that Google Cloud Print is on its way out, but at PrinterLogic we’ve developed the perfect migration option for you. The new PrinterLogic Chrome OS Client Extension empowers you to centrally manage direct IP printing for Chromebook users alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means you can deliver a Serverless Printing […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|November 21, 2019

PrinterLogic Adds Chrome OS to Its List of Supported Operating Systems

New Chrome OS Client Extension empowers customers to centrally manage direct IP printing for Chromebook users ST. GEORGE, Utah, Nov. 21, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced private preview availability for its Chrome OS Client Extension, which enables IT professionals to centrally manage direct IP printing for Chrome OS users. […]

Julio Garfias|November 15, 2019

Building an Enterprise Print Environment Using Best Practices

By now we’re all aware of the importance of best practices. They’re recommended processes to implement in order to ensure that things run smoothly, safely and efficiently in your organization. And in many cases, these best practices have evolved out of other organizations’ trial and error. They learned what worked and what didn’t. Their results […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|November 15, 2019

PrinterLogic Named to MountainWest Capital Network’s Annual Utah 100 List of State’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Company’s growth recognized at the 25th annual awards ceremony   ST. GEORGE, Utah – November 13, 2019 – PrinterLogic, the global leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), has been named to MountainWest Capital Network’s (MWCN) 2019 Utah 100, the annual list of the state’s fastest-growing companies. MWCN’s exclusive awards program brings together investors, entrepreneurs and […]

Sal Gamez|November 11, 2019

Simplify Windows Virtual Desktop Printing with PrinterLogic

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the latest virtualization solution to hit the market. There’s been a ton of buzz about it. And, because it leverages Microsoft’s powerful Azure platform, WVD will facilitate a wave of cloud-computing initiatives.  For one thing, users can securely interact with virtual Windows 7 and multi-user Windows 10 services—whether it’s a […]

Brian Wistisen|November 08, 2019

How to Implement Enterprise Risk Management Through Printing

Risk management. It’s such a common term that you might think every organization is practicing it. But one very recent enterprise survey showed that only about half of the 445 respondents were actively engaging in some form of risk management. That survey informed the 2019 The State of Risk Oversight report from the ERM Initiative […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|November 04, 2019

PrinterLogic Acquires MaxxVault, Rebrands Solution as Vasion

Deal expands PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include enterprise content and workflow management ST. GEORGE, Utah, November 4, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced today the acquisition and corporate rebranding of MaxxVault, a leading provider of enterprise content management software. The acquisition broadens PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include digital workflow automation, e-forms, content management, […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|October 30, 2019

Microsoft Names PrinterLogic Integration Partner for Printing with Windows Virtual Desktop

ST. GEORGE, Utah, October 31, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced a validated integration with Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft’s recently launched service that gives users easy and secure access to their virtualized desktops and RemoteApps. Together, with select partners like PrinterLogic, Microsoft is advancing cloud-based desktop technology even further. This […]

Zachary Vernon|October 28, 2019

Your Corporate Environment Is Secure. Your Printing Should Be Too

One statistic that we’ve cited before is that close to 60% of businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany experienced at least one print-related data breach in 2018. The reason it’s worth citing again is because it rarely fails to take someone by surprise. Yet the real wake-up call is when […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|October 25, 2019

PrinterLogic Announces Control Panel Support for Sharp OSA Multifunction Printers

New Control Panel Application brings Secure Release Printing to Sharp MFPs ST. GEORGE, UT, October 25, 2019 – PrinterLogic, the global leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced it’s Control Panel Application (CPA) for Sharp OSA® multifunction printers (MFPs). The new CPA, developed by PrinterLogic with technical guidance from Sharp, delivers several convenient options […]

Brian Wistisen|October 25, 2019

How to Centralize Print Management and Reduce Costs

Effective print management offers multiple opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs along the way. The trouble is that “effective” part. We all know what print management looks like using standard enterprise print solutions, and it often involves a lot of damage control. Which is anything but effective. Sure, you can try to be proactive […]

Jason Callahan|October 21, 2019

What You Need to Know about Enterprise Device Management

Up to now, there’s never really been a golden age for managing devices in the enterprise. Especially where printers are concerned. Back before computers and printers were networked, they were heavy, cumbersome things that needed to be deployed and configured manually. When networking became more commonplace, admins were able to do more of their device […]

Neil Thomas|October 17, 2019

Reduce IT Support and Help-Desk Calls Through Infrastructure Reduction

Over time, enterprise print environments can turn into big, unwieldy beasts. Printer fleets have a tendency to keep growing. The number of print servers keeps increasing to scale. And then, of course, sometimes you need multiple IT printing solutions to handle specialized tasks. The larger and denser our print environments become, the more complex they […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|October 16, 2019

Safetrust Partners with PrinterLogic to Simplify Secure Release Printing Experience for Customers

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Safetrust Inc. a global pioneer in mobile identity solutions announced its partnership with PrinterLogic, the leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure, to offer customers a secure release printing solution that uses Safetrust Virtual Credentials for authentication. This partnership enables end users to release a print job using their mobile […]

Sal Gamez|October 14, 2019

Best Practices When Implementing Centralized Print Management in an Enterprise

It’s easier to keep track of things when they’re all in one place. That’s why centralized print management is such an important goal. But it can be hard to do in large organizations because there are so many moving parts. Like different workstations, different printer models, different locations and different user needs. It’s also tough […]

Brandon Williams|October 10, 2019

Guest Blog: Conversant Group

Chief Operating Officer Brandon Williams It was 2016, and I was standing in line with our company’s CEO and founder, John Anthony Smith, at a Citrix conference. He’s the gregarious, outgoing type, so he naturally got to talking with the person who was standing in front of us. That person said he was from a […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|October 09, 2019

PrinterLogic to Support Leading Cloud-Based Identity Providers

ST. GEORGE, Utah, October 9, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced preview availability of its integrations with Identity Providers (IdP) Okta and Azure AD, with support for Google ID set for early 2020. With these integrations, PrinterLogic’s SaaS-based enterprise print management solution will offer support for Identity and Access Management […]

Sal Gamez|October 07, 2019

Secure Your Enterprise Printing with the Cloud

According to Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape Report 2019, nearly 60% of businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany were the victims of at least one print-related data breach in the prior year. Each print-related data loss cost these businesses around $400k on average. Worse still is that 32% of print-security […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|October 02, 2019

PrinterLogic Makes Reporting and SNMP Monitoring Free for SaaS Customers up to 10 Printers

PrinterLogic Insights enables companies to track printing activity down to the user level and actively monitor the status of their printer fleet at no charge. ST. GEORGE, Utah, October 2, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced today the release of PrinterLogic Insights, a free reporting tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) […]

Zachary Vernon|October 01, 2019

Introducing PrinterLogic Insights: a Free SaaS Tool for Print Job Reporting And SNMP Monitoring For Up To 10 Printers

PrinterLogic Insights is a free SaaS product for small businesses that offers the same advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities that are included in our full PrinterLogic SaaS solution. Insights works with Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and tracks up to 10 network printers. PrinterLogic Insights tracks printer usage at the user or device level with […]

Tom Darnall|September 27, 2019

The New Sharp Control Panel Application (CPA) from PrinterLogic

Following our recent introduction of the PrinterLogic Canon Control Panel Application, we’re pleased to announce our new Sharp Control Panel Application (CPA) for use with our serverless printing infrastructure platform. The new Sharp CPA will allow your end users to authenticate and release their print jobs on the latest Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs) with incredible […]

Neil Thomas|September 27, 2019

Turn Windows Server 2008 End of Life into a New Beginning

Another year, another software end-of-life (EoL) deadline. It seems like only yesterday that EoL was announced for Windows Server 2003, later followed by EoL for Windows 7. This time the EoL affects Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, which are scheduled to stop receiving long-term support as of January 14, 2020. After the EoL date, […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|September 24, 2019

Canon Europe Partners with PrinterLogic to Expand Its Portfolio

LONDON, September 24, 2019—PrinterLogic, the global leader in serverless printing infrastructure, today announced a technology partnership with Canon Europe that will enable Canon Europe to offer its clients a centrally managed direct IP printing solution that helps IT teams eliminate print servers and manage printer objects. “We’re proud of this partnership and the opportunities it […]

Jason Callahan|September 20, 2019

Endpoint Print-Management Solutions

Managing the print configurations and capabilities of endpoints can be time-consuming work. When you’re also dealing with endpoints in distant branch or remote offices, the amount of time you need to sink into print management can really skyrocket. In today’s enterprise, that’s as true as it ever was. Given all the casual threats and malicious […]

Julio Garfias|September 16, 2019

How to Achieve a Productive Enterprise Print Environment

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but there’s a good chance your current corporate printing solution is working against you. If your company is using print servers, your entire print infrastructure is vulnerable to single points of failure. For proof, you don’t need to look much further than the last time the print spooler crashed […]

Zachary Vernon|September 13, 2019

Eliminating GPOs in a Print Environment: The Why and the How

In enterprise IT administration, one convention for enforcing user settings and computer configurations is Group Policy Objects (GPOs). This system works with the criteria in Active Directory (AD) to impose certain rules and create a very controlled computing environment for the individual end user. GPOs, for example, are used to limit access to network shares. […]

Sal Gamez|September 09, 2019

Creating Highly Available Printing Environments

The importance of high availability in a print environment shouldn’t be news to anyone. End users need to print when they need to print. End of story. Otherwise, it’s just lost productivity. And it isn’t just lost productivity for end users. When those users make a help-desk call or file a support ticket because their […]

Brian Wistisen|September 02, 2019

Virtual Printing While Eliminating Print Servers

Printing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments can offset some of the inherent advantages of virtual solutions. As a lot of IT pros will confirm, it’s not always easy to get the right printers to the right users at the right time. That can put a damper on the consistency and ease of management many […]

Jason Callahan|August 30, 2019

Secure Network Printing Solutions

Between high-profile ransomware attacks and repeated data breaches, enterprise data security is in the headlines like never before. That means it’s also at the front of people’s minds like never before. Keeping data safe has quickly become a top priority for any organization that’s concerned about the privacy of its own information as well as […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|August 27, 2019

PrinterLogic SaaS Achieves VMware Partner Ready™ Status

ST. GEORGE, Utah—Aug. 27, 2019—PrinterLogic, the global leader in serverless printing infrastructure, today announced that PrinterLogic SaaS, its centralized print management solution, has achieved VMware Partner Ready™ status. This designation indicates that after validation testing, PrinterLogic SaaS has achieved the endorsement of the VMware Horizon Partner Application/Middleware Program and is supported on VMware Horizon Standard […]

John Beuke|August 23, 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Your enterprise years ago upgraded to Windows 7 and has been very happy since without any major issues. So why should you now migrate your users’ operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10, especially after you skipped the Windows 8 release? This blog will provide you four good reasons why you would be better […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|August 22, 2019

PrinterLogic Includes Secure Release and Mobile Printing with Core License at No Extra Charge for SaaS Customers

ST. GEORGE, Utah—August 21, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), today announced that Mobile Printing and Secure Release Printing will be included with its core license at no extra cost for SaaS customers. “Customers are waking up to the deployment and technology limitations of old school on-prem software being thrown onto hosted […]

Julio Garfias|August 19, 2019

Redefine Your Enterprise’s Printing Infrastructure

One of the most common nuggets of wisdom in IT is to simplify. The more moving parts there are, the more possibilities there are for things to go wrong. The more complex your environment is, the harder it is to maintain and troubleshoot. Honestly, though, sometimes simplifying is not so simple. In the enterprise, there […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|August 16, 2019

Canon and PrinterLogic Integration Allows for Serverless Printing with an Array of Security Features

ST. GEORGE, UT—August 15, 2019—With security features now essential to most office solutions, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, and PrinterLogic, a leader in serverless printing infrastructure for the enterprise, today announced the ability to integrate PrinterLogic’s platform with Canon’s third-generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE solutions. “Security is top of mind to Canon as […]

Brian Wistisen|August 15, 2019

PrinterLogic 19.1 Features Canon MFP Support

PrinterLogic 19.1 (formerly known as Printer Installer), adds comprehensive secure release printing for Canon MFPs, expanded scalability for enterprise authentication, Safari 12 (macOS Mojave) support, and dozens of other enhancements that will improve the experience for admins and end users. Canon-certified Gen 2 CPA We’re launching our second generation of control panel applications (CPAs) with […]

Zachary Vernon|August 12, 2019

Printing Solutions for the Education Industry

Schools are pretty orderly, right? With its grades, classes, tracks, departments, periods, semesters and all the other ways it’s categorized and arranged, your average K-12 or college often looks like a model of efficiency and organization. From the outside, at least. IT sees a different side of things. Students move from classroom to classroom throughout […]

Jason Callahan|August 09, 2019

Seize the Opportunity in Windows 7 to 10 Migration

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will enter its end-of-life (EoL) phase on January 14, 2020. While some organizations have already migrated to later Windows versions in anticipation of the EoL deadline, a large number of them are still running Windows 7 as their secondary or even primary operating system. In June of 2019, the […]

Brian Wistisen|August 05, 2019

Secure Printing in Highly Available Print Environments

Have you heard this story? One of your workforce wants to print out a document. They open it and click “Print.” Then they walk over to the printer. No document. So they walk back to their computer and do it again. But this time, their computer’s not finding the printer at all. What gives? Here […]

Julio Garfias|August 02, 2019

Success with Thin-Client Printing

Reduced costs, simplified management and improved security are just some of the reasons why organizations choose thin clients over traditional IT architectures. And thin-clients often deliver on those counts, because you’re talking about less expensive hardware and users’ interaction being managed through one pane of glass. Where it gets tricky is with thin-client printing. The […]

Julio Garfias|July 29, 2019

Why You Need Print Tracking Software in Your Enterprise

Like it or not, we live in the era of Big Data. Technology has given us the ability to gather information on almost every aspect of our lives. We can then use that info to do things like improve our health, figure out what new TV shows we might like, become better drivers or optimize […]

Dustin Hunter|July 25, 2019

The Advantages of PrinterLogic’s New Control Panel Platform

This week PrinterLogic is releasing the first in a series of all-new Control Panel Applications, or CPAs. These apps install on a printer and provide identity authentication for secure-release printing. The new Gen 2 Canon CPA—compatible with PrinterLogic’s on-prem and cloud solutions—supports Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE printers. To learn more about that rollout, read this post. […]

Tom Darnall|July 22, 2019

The New Canon Control Panel Application (CPA) from PrinterLogic

PrinterLogic is excited to announce a new dedicated Control Panel Application (CPA) for Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE series of MFPs. Once installed and launched, the app appears on a printer’s embedded touchscreen so you can manage and securely release print jobs held on a workstation for authentication. Why is this something to get excited about? For […]

Jason Callahan|July 15, 2019

Secure Mobile Printing with Enterprise Cloud Software

There are currently two IT trends that are ready to intersect in enterprise printing. And when they do, they’ll unlock an incredible amount of potential in terms of productivity and flexibility. The first of these trends involves large-scale migration to the cloud. As part of this migration, organizations are taking traditional on-premises server-based infrastructure and […]

Zachary Vernon|July 08, 2019

Secure Remote Printing with PrinterLogic

Print 2025, a global study focused on printing in the digital workplace, has found that two-thirds of the businesses it surveyed ranked print among their top five security concerns. And with good reason. In the 12-month period prior to the survey, 59% of the organizations had experienced one or more print-related data losses—a breach that […]

Brian Wistisen|July 05, 2019

Virtual Printing Options without a Print Server

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) adoption continues to pick up steam across multiple fields, including healthcare, legal, heavy industry and academia. We’re currently in a period where the combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global VDI industry is expected to increase by 27% by 2023, a trend that’s driven mainly by BYOD and cloud-computing initiatives […]

Sal Gamez|July 01, 2019

Corporate Printing Solutions for Productivity

Of all the eye-opening stats on employee productivity and how it impacts corporate success, one in particular stands out: Once an interruption distracts you from your current task, it takes an average of 23 minutes, 15 seconds to get back on track. Firsthand experience can attest to that. We can all relate to losing ourselves […]

Tom Darnall|June 24, 2019

5 Things That Make PrinterLogic the Best Printing Software Choice

For years now, enterprise printing has been dominated by two structural paradigms. The first is print servers. The second is conventional direct IP. As potential IT printing solutions go, however, have print servers or traditional direct IP really ever been the best choice? And what about the here and now? With the advent of mobile […]

Jason Callahan|June 17, 2019

What Is Citrix?

Even as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions see increasing enterprise adoption and enjoy more widespread popularity as a result, there are still lingering questions about their ideal use cases and what it actually looks like to implement them. In this post, we’re going to take a brief look at what Citrix is (Citrix being a […]

Julio Garfias|June 10, 2019

How to Eliminate Server Sprawl

Just like urban environments, enterprise IT environments can experience a phenomenon known as sprawl—or more specifically, server sprawl. In this blog post, we’re going to look at what exactly server sprawl is, how it’s often exacerbated by VDI printing and traditional enterprise print solutions like print servers, and why you really ought to take steps […]

Julio Garfias|June 03, 2019

Secure Release Printing in Healthcare Organizations

Of all the challenges caused by enterprise printing (and there are many), healthcare organizations face some of the toughest. Their work environments are almost always dynamic, with medical staff moving from one facility to another or working in shifts that are anything but 9 to 5. They also tend to be highly distributed, geographically scattered […]

Brian Wistisen|May 27, 2019

Starting Your Enterprise Print Audit

As security and cost-cutting become more prominent themes within enterprise IT, organizations are coming to the realization that true print management is about more than adding and removing printers. It’s also about oversight. That’s prompted many organizations to conduct their first comprehensive print audit—often with the further intention of making it the start of an […]

Ken Dixon|May 24, 2019

Serverless Printing Infrastructure Advantages

“Serverless printing.” When someone says that, the first thing that might come to mind is an off-the-shelf consumer printer connected via USB to a desktop or laptop. The more tech-savvy among us might instead imagine the Wi-Fi- or Ethernet-connected network printer you’d find at home or in a very tiny office. What both of these […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|May 24, 2019

Homegrown Southern Utah Software Firm PrinterLogic to Break Ground on World Headquarters in St. George

Global leader in serverless printing infrastructure stays close to its geographical roots as anchor company for Tech Ridge ST. GEORGE, UT—May 23, 2019—PrinterLogic, developer of cloud-based serverless printing infrastructure software, will break ground on its new headquarters facility at noon Friday, May 31, becoming the first company to build at Tech Ridge. PrinterLogic’s 125 local […]

Sal Gamez|May 20, 2019

Eliminate Slow Network Printing

It’s no great revelation that we live in a fast-paced world. Letters used to take weeks to arrive, and now we expect our written communication to be delivered instantly. We lose our cool if traffic doesn’t move quickly enough, struggle to remember life before two-day shipping was the norm, wonder how people entertained themselves without […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|May 17, 2019

Chromebook Printing Advantages with PrinterLogic

Since around 2014, the popularity of Chromebooks has seen a steady increase—not just in the K-12 educational sector (although they have been pretty dominant there) but also in workplaces where Chromebooks’ unique mix of affordability, easy management and ultra-portability checks all the right boxes. For all their benefits, though, Chromebook printing is one of the […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|May 13, 2019

Business IT Solutions for Print Environments

Finding the right business IT solutions can be challenging under any circumstances, but the stakes can be higher in enterprise environments when scale becomes a decisive factor. That’s especially true for enterprise print environments. The size and makeup of large printer fleets along with the intricacies involved in accommodating nuanced organizational structures and different user […]

Tom Darnall|April 30, 2019

Don’t Migrate, Eliminate!

A December 2018 study found that 85% of companies are already reporting moderate to extensive production use of cloud infrastructure, and industry analysts predict that 83% of enterprise workloads will be cloud-based by 2020. The move to the cloud is no longer a cutting-edge trend; It’s a mainstream practice that permeates nearly every enterprise IT […]

Jason Callahan|April 28, 2019

What to Look for in Print-Management Software

Printing continues to be a mission-critical capability in modern workplaces, even as those workplaces have fundamentally changed in line with wider social and technological trends. Today, mobile and BYOD devices are much more ubiquitous and far more capable than they were ten years ago, and employees’ attitudes have shifted toward what they expect from IT—something […]

Jason Callahan|April 26, 2019

Is Your Enterprise Ready for VDI Printing?

Cloud computing has almost everyone rethinking how they approach technology. CTOs, sysadmins and other IT professionals are increasingly aware of what their organizations stand to gain from reducing their physical infrastructure, centralizing management and streamlining how IT services are delivered to their end users. That in turn has prompted many of them to take a […]

Zachary Vernon|April 23, 2019

What’s New in the April 2019 PrinterLogic SaaS Update

Following the much-anticipated 18.3 release of PrinterLogic’s on-premises enterprise printing solution, our serverless cloud-based printing platform, PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud), has been updated with enhanced functionality and new features. With this update, special focus has been placed on making pull printing more convenient, improving printing performance for mobile devices and Chromebooks, and providing increased print […]

Tom Darnall|April 15, 2019

Enhance Your Print Management with PrinterLogic SaaS

It’s no exaggeration to say that cloud computing is transforming the way organizations manage and adapt to business conditions and opportunities. Because it’s based on an elastic operational expense model (as opposed to an up-front capital investment approach), a cloud-based strategy helps organizations be more responsive and scalable when it comes to changing business demands. […]

Zachary Vernon|April 11, 2019

Mobile Print Release Functions and Features

There have been a number of recent studies on mobile adoption in the enterprise, and their findings tend to point to one thing above all else—namely, the ever-growing importance of mobile adoption in the enterprise. By 2020, for example, Gartner is predicting that 75% of all smartphones used in the enterprise will be BYOD, marking […]

Sal Gamez|April 04, 2019

Reliable Anonymous Guest Printing

Anonymous guest printing sounds somewhat vague, but it can be boiled down to a situation like this: A visitor from outside your workplace—it could be a consultant, a short-term freelancer or even an employee from another branch—needs to print a document to a local printer from their mobile device. How exactly do they do that? […]

John Beuke|April 01, 2019

How Pull Printing Solutions Improve Productivity

You have been working on this project for several months. It is important and today you are presenting your data to your company’s stakeholders at the main office. Problem: You’re running late to your meeting. When you arrive at the main office across town you realize that you left the documents at your office. You […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|March 28, 2019

Protect Your Enterprise Documents, Data and Devices

There’s a growing awareness of the risks of IT weak points and the costly consequences of security breaches. That has led many organizations to take a much more aggressive stance toward the security of their workflows and infrastructure. One particular aspect that often gets overlooked, though, is enterprise print security and the important role it […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|March 25, 2019

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Printing with PrinterLogic

As static, deskbound workforces morph into dynamic, mobile ones and IT departments take steps to maximize functionality while reducing infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions have already become attractive options for organizations that want to cut down on overhead without sacrificing flexibility or features. However, one sticking point in the adoption of virtual solutions is […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|March 21, 2019

Secure Release with the PrinterLogic Print Release App

When you think about “Serverless Printing” you probably don’t think about Secure Printing. It kind of seems counterintuitive, right? Having your print job securely held so that you don’t have to run across the office to grab it off the printer before anyone else sees it, without a server to hold the job? Well, now […]

Julio Garfias|March 18, 2019

What Makes an Enterprise Print Environment Secure?

Enterprise print security has become a hot topic over the past couple of years. High-profile malicious data breaches coupled with a growing awareness of the murky data-collection practices of Internet giants has made admins and end users alike aware of how easy it is for their private information to be compromised. That awareness has carried […]

Steve Kelley|March 14, 2019

The Continual March Into the Cloud

A lot of organizations are moving forward with Cloud first strategies. One of the biggest hurdles for IT departments to overcome when going “cloud first” is understanding what to do with their print infrastructure. A cloud first strategy is in line with best practices for modernizing IT, data-center consolidation, and reducing infrastructure footprint. When architecting […]

Jason Callahan|March 11, 2019

How to Avoid an Enterprise Printing Breach

According to a 2015 Security Pressures Report by Trustwave, 70% of businesses believe they’re safe from cyber attacks and data compromises. That means the vast majority of organizations—seven out of every ten!—think their existing IT security measures, including their enterprise print security, are good enough. It shouldn’t come as a shock to discover that confidence […]

Steve Kelley|March 08, 2019

Spooler Crashing in Windows 2016

None of us truly believe IT fairies exist. But most of will swear that IT goblins are real! IT goblins are those issues that seem sporadic, spontaneous, and almost impossible to pinpoint the root cause. And it feels like print servers are the ideal nesting ground for these IT goblins. One of the areas that […]

Tom Darnall|March 04, 2019

The New Print Release App from PrinterLogic

For organizations that value the security of pull printing and the flexibility of mobile solutions, we at PrinterLogic are excited to announce our dedicated Print Release App for iOS and Android. Hot on the heels of our feature-packed 18.3 update, this all-new app complements and can be used in place of PrinterLogic’s other pull-printing release […]

Steve Kelley|February 28, 2019

4 Ways to Improve the Security Profile of Your Print Environment

With all the recent advances in—and focus on—cybersecurity, we could be forgiven for assuming that data breaches are occurring less than ever before. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The constantly increasing complexity of technology and the speed with which it evolves means that data breach incidents, both accidental and intentional, continue to rise. Through our […]

Sal Gamez|February 25, 2019

Deploying a Printer with Serverless Print Management

Broadly speaking, there are two major paradigms for enterprise printing solutions. One is classic direct-IP printing, which establishes one-to-one connections between the client and printer. It has the advantage of being straightforward and reliable but it becomes increasingly unmanageable when scaled up to the enterprise level. Admins typically have to touch every single client when […]

Steve Kelley|February 22, 2019

Changes to Printing in Windows Server 2019

Server 2019 is Here! For those of us who have been operating in the Windows server space for a while now, it may feel odd that a new server version is already being released! Since 2003, IT organizations have had almost 4 years between the stress of server upgrades. But starting with Windows Server 2016, […]

Ken Dixon|February 18, 2019

Simplified Print Environments

A couple of decades ago, there were a handful of tech visionaries who clearly foresaw the future we’re now living in. For many of us, however, it wasn’t until much more recently that powerful pocket-sized computers, self-driving cars and voice assistants moved beyond the stuff of sci-fi. In the world of enterprise print management, that […]

Julio Garfias|February 15, 2019

How to Get the Most out of Your Advanced Print Features

Whether your organization is already using PrinterLogic or you have yet to implement our enterprise printing software, there are advanced features that you might not be taking advantage of. This blog post takes a brief look at capabilities like PrinterLogic’s mobile printing, secure pull printing and location-based (proximity) printing and how to get the most […]

Brian Wistisen|February 11, 2019

Print Management in a Hybrid Environment

Hybrid print environments can take many forms. For instance, one hybrid environment might comprise a mix of new and legacy printing devices. Another might be a combination of mobile and desktop users. Yet another hybrid environment might use a patchwork of printing software or print-management services to serve the unique requirements of different user pools. […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|February 08, 2019

Printing from a User Experience Standpoint

Take a moment to consider all the elements that comprise your print environment. There are the printers, of course, and probably print servers as well. There are consumables like paper and ink or toner. There’s your enterprise print-management software and any pull-printing or mobile-printing solutions you might be using. And there are the administrative and […]

Sal Gamez|February 04, 2019

Print Challenges in Enterprise Printing Environments

A great awakening is taking place. IT professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the time, effort and cost they constantly have to invest in their existing enterprise print-management solutions, and they’re starting to consider next-generation alternatives to common approaches like print servers and conventional direct IP. What exactly are they looking for in those alternatives? […]

Tom Darnall|January 18, 2019

PrinterLogic’s 18.3 Release Brings Added Security, Ease of Use

The release of version 18.3 marks the arrival of many highly anticipated features in PrinterLogic’s enterprise print-management software. Several new features augment the company’s serverless infrastructure with direct and dramatic improvements to secure printing, making PrinterLogic’s next-generation solution as hardened in terms of security as it is flexible in implementation. Printer-agnostic CAC/PIV authentication Employees of […]

PrinterLogic PR Team|January 18, 2019

PrinterLogic Announces Serverless Print Security Features for the Federal Market

Hardened security features comply with U.S. government regulations ST. GEORGE, UT—January 17, 2019—PrinterLogic, the leader of serverless print infrastructure for the enterprise, today announced the release of PrinterLogic 18.3. The new release includes several major security enhancements, including support for U.S. government-issued CAC/PIV smart cards used to authenticate and release secure print jobs. In addition, […]

John Beuke|January 16, 2019

The PrinterLogic CAC/PIV Advantage

In our recent blog, Barriers to CAC/PIV Secure Printing Implementation, we identified reasons why federal agencies have held off implementing CAC/PIV secure printing despite its security benefits. Based on this research, and a careful analysis of other solutions in the market, PrinterLogic has developed a unique, cost-effective CAC/PIV pull-printing approach that works with ANY network […]

Steve Kelley|January 14, 2019

Problems with Current CAC/PIV Secure Printing Solutions

In our recent blog, Barriers to CAC/PIV Secure Printing Implementation, we discussed PrinterLogic’s research into why federal agencies had put off deployment of a CAC/PIV secure-printing solution. Part two of that investigation was to survey agencies who had implemented a CAC/PIV solution to learn more about the pros and cons of their approach, as well […]

Steve Kelley|January 11, 2019

Barriers to CAC/PIV Secure Printing Implementation

Federal agencies understand the gravity of a security leak, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. Since HSPD-12 came out in 2004, agencies have been working to secure their desktops, laptops, door access, emails and any sensitive information using FIPS-201 compliant smart cards. Even so, government agencies struggle to secure their print infrastructure—while maintaining ease […]

Brian Wistisen|January 07, 2019

Why You Should Start Using Print Analytics

In the age of Big Data, we all know how important it is to gather and, above all, analyze digital information that was once difficult to capture. With the right tools, we have the ability to gain unprecedented insight into activity, costs and trends that were all but invisible to us before. We can then […]

Sal Gamez|January 04, 2019

Enterprise Printing for Chromebooks

Between 2015 and 2016, Chromebook shipments increased by an incredible 38 percent. In the years since, Chromebook adoption has continued to grow, particularly in education, where the inexpensive, versatile cloud-based computing model has been embraced. In 2017, more than half of all mobile computing shipments to K-12 institutions in the United States were Chromebooks, beating […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|December 31, 2018

Pull Printing as a Strategy

The adoption of pull printing has really hit the mainstream in the past couple of years. In 2015, a study by research firm Quocirca found that 47% of all surveyed organizations had already deployed pull printing in some form or were planning to implement a pull-printing solution within the next year. Based on our anecdotal […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|December 28, 2018

Windows Server Branch Office Direct Printing

Posted by Ethan Janson Back in October 2013, Windows Server 2012 R2 was released. It included a new and welcome feature called Branch Office Direct Printing, a feature that’s still available in Windows Server 2016. Because high WAN utilization is an ongoing problem for distributed organizations with a centralized server infrastructure, Branch Office Direct Printing […]

PrinterLogic Engineering|December 26, 2018

Major Costs in Printing and How to Reduce Them

Posted by Chris Poole The total cost of printing (TCP) for any business can be a difficult figure to determine. Organizations might understand that it’s best practice to find new and effective ways to reduce printing costs, but they don’t always know exactly how much they’re spending on TCP in the first place. And that […]

Brian Wistisen|December 21, 2018

Three Security Tips for Enterprise Document Printing

Secure printing should be an essential practice and integral part of document workflows throughout an enterprise—especially in the kinds of departments that deal with sensitive data, such as HR or R&D. While many organizations understand this, the number of organizations with secure-printing protocols in place remains relatively small. Why is that? Well, even though there’s […]

Sal Gamez|December 17, 2018

Print Servers Not Working? Eliminate Them!

When you develop a next-generation print-management solution like PrinterLogic, you end up hearing your share of print-server horror stories. From disappearing and “ghost” printers to spooler crashes because of driver and software conflicts, the list of potential problems is as long as a high-volume print queue. And in VMware and Citrix printing environments, that list […]

Ken Sivori|December 12, 2018

Comparing Print Servers vs. Direct IP Printing

All IT managers and system administrators who manage print environments need to eventually choose between print servers or configure direct-IP printers on their endpoints. There are trade-offs for either approach, and several factors come into play when deciding which method is best.   The size of an organizat